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  • New clients can only book individual lessons and may not book in for groups

  • Group lessons are only available for pre- approved clients

  • In order to keep our lesson prices low, we do not have an office administrator, so we request all enquiries be sent online and we will get back to you as soon as we can


  1. Can only be made through our portal

  2. You will receive a confirmation email when your booking is accepted with the gate entry code

  3. Do not book a group lesson unless you have approval from your coach. Unapproved booking requests will be declined

Safety guidelines on our property

  • No dogs are permitted under any circumstances.

  • Spectators must stay in the spectator area where there is a sun / rain shelter and seating

  • Spectators may not enter the breezeway where the horses are stabled or between the dressage and jump arenas

  • We ask that you respect the instructors or staff members if they would need to give you any instructions

Thank you for your understanding and look forward to meeting you!

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