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Lara Dickinson

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about horses. As a child I was always either at the stables, planning to go there or reading a horsey book - things haven't changed much between then and now! 


I was very fortunate that my family supported my passion and I started formal riding lessons as a child in Singapore. I also made sure we rode wherever we travelled around the world!


I returned to Singapore as an adult and completed my BHS coaching and Stable Management qualifications. I have also completed my EA Intro coaching in Australia and am working towards Level 1. I have taught at several riding schools in NSW and have coached riders from their first interactions with horses all the way to competing in showjumping and dressage. 


Watching a bond develop between horse and rider is always exciting and I'm passionate about helping riders develop their skills whilst having fun. My daughter and I share a lovely (but very cheeky!) horse called Bentley and we were starting to compete him just before Covid hit. I think the thing I love most about riding is that there is always more to learn and the skills you gain through riding will always benefit you throughout life. Horses are incredible teachers and my job is simply to give them the words to help you. 

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