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Riding With Disabilities

We teach riders of varying abilities both physical and mental. What we are teaching is how to interact with the horse on the ground and riding skills. We adjust the lesson according to the skill of the rider. Lessons will include catching, tying up, grooming and saddling the horse as well as riding skills.

In the preparation of the horse, riders have a chance to familiarise themselves with the horse and improve their fine motor skills tying knots and doing buckles. It is good to develop a strong routine when getting the horse ready. By handling the horse on the ground they become more confident and then mounting the horse is less daunting.

Riding can help improve core strength and balance. There are activities we can do on the horses to improve hand eye co-ordination such as the Flag Race and Polocrosse. We also run through dressage tests and get students riding regularly with us to memorise them.

For people not interested in riding we also offer horse management lessons where we can go over the care of the horse or training techniques without riding.

If you would like to book a lesson go to our book online page and select either private weekend, private weekday or horse management.

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